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Company Profile

“Innovative and Radical”


Hayrioğlu taşımacılık, Hayri ŞengülHayrioglu offering customers the highest level of service Since 1953. We use modern technology, education of staff, customer care and maximum transportation secure to take place as required by the brand and service quality in a changing and evolving industry. Hayrioglu is a brand that can achieve increasement of quality by this way… “Innovative and Radical” is Hayrioglu’s brand promise. Hayrioglu serves the customers in service of home and office transport with “speed, confidence and loyalty”. We have another mission as creating a new transportation system by addressing common problems of the sector and has become a brand that adds value to this sector. In the last 62 years Hayrioglu became known as the equivalent of the word in home and office transport sector : “quality and reliability”. Hayrioglu is a brand which fan of Selfless service and the principle of sacrificing quality. Hayrioglu is founder of the sector standards which has very wide-range of applications such as first private disposable and hygiene of the boxing system, canopy system installed in the rainy weather, portable wardrobe to prevent your clothes from wrinkling, using hygienic white paper instead of newsprint for your kitchen sets and sanitary applications, using disposable bags for your folded clothes. We are moving forward to the “Best” on our way when we carry you to your new home/office with top quality and with best applications…


Hayrioglu is carrying the flag proudly and gratefully today.


Hayrioğlu taşımacılık, Hayri ŞengülPeople are referred with the value which they added to life throughout their lives and the absolute values of these people are immortal. We are momenting with Mercy Mr. Hayri Sengul which made Hayrigolu Transportation as a sector leader with his self foundtations. Hayri Sengul’s honest and friendly personality created a leader shipping company in the sector. Hayrioglu is carrying the flag proudly and gratefully today. Hayrioglu home to home Transport serviced lots of person and corporation with a half-century house and office moving experience. And one of these is Yesilcam; in a time Ayhan Isik was a truck driver, sometimes Cuneyt Arkin was the young man who kidnapped the village who he loved, sometimes Yılmaz Güney was the porters in Hayrioglu. After serving more than 50 years in Taksim/Talimhane as headquarters, Hayrioglu Headquarters moved to Kozyatagi with the reason of conversion to tourism place of the region. Today Hayrioglu is also serving across Maltepe Palladium Mall with 1500 m2 open and 750 m2 closed area as garage and storage and serving to valuable customers with rich vehicle fleet, professional, trained teams, advanced transport methods on time and offers a complete transport service.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Commitment and Policy


Hayrioğlu taşımacılıkHayrioglu Transportation is offering Home and Office Transportation packaging and storage Services as domestic and internationally and based on transparency in all deals with customers. Hayrioglu accepted the resolution of all customer dissatisfaction as the main principle and following the customer-oriented approach.In this respect; assumes customer complaints as a tool which will be used for continuous improvement of corporate culture and training our staff to address effectively the complaints were solved permanently.All units are in co-operation for the elimination of customer complaints with the software, hardware, legal security and infrastructures. Hayrioglu Transportation is a company which customers may transmit the demends and dissatisfaction easily. This submissions always evaluates as objective, fair, careful and confidentially in border of our legal requirements and quality policy. We take necessary improvements to avoid repetition of the same dissatisfaction and continuously controls is committed. With This Commitment;
  • Implementing effective and efficient methods to get customer complaints,
  • Resolve customer complaints and encourage staff to take to solve permanently,
  • Using customer complaints as well as for improvement of terms and service. Ensuring about resolutions to became written procedures on how to inform the customer and ensure that all employees adhere to these resolutions.
  • Providing necessary resources and training for handling of customer complaints.
  • Continuously improvement of customer satisfaction system,

Our Quality Policy

“Our goal is always being best and indispensable”


We are aware that the reason for our existence is all our customers which we serve domestic and International home and office transportation, packaging and storage services. With this awareness: by correct defining customer expectations, serving timely, accurate and reliable service, providing customer satisfaction, moving with the idea of “the quality of our services begins with the quality of our employees”, providing staff satisfaction, training to sustain the contribution of the staff. Serving with the line of legal and national legislation. The contribution of senior management, continuously improve our system and our infrastructure with the labor of the workers in line with technological developments.

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